Different combos: Duo, Trio, Quartet, Etc.

Here you will find some different combos that Swing High perfoms.

Vous retrouverez ici différentes formations qui font aussi partie de Swing High.


soloTom Mendy

Tom Mendy is playing solo his songs, with his doublebass he started like this as a street performer and he likes sometimes to have some time alone to share some intimacy with the audience.



Tom Brunt and Yann Dapozzo

Both of those cats can play guitar they are doing it professionally and also for the fun of it since the earth is earth. Their Gipsy vibe gives a touch of joy to any song they play.

duo2Double bass and guitar

Songs plus rhythm: this combo is perfect for musical expression, the guitar player being Yann Dapozzo or Tom Brunt their ways are not the same but they are both beautiful.


Guitar and Violin

You can check us out in this video,with Tom Brunt on guitar and Marc Crofts on violin.



Popular Jazz combo

This combo (also with the violin) is perfect for animation, parties, etc.

As you can see in this video of us playing a composition of Tom Brunt, it’s also possible to play with two guitars and double bass.

trio1 trio2 etc etc…